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Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Missing or broken teeth are some of the most common dental problems people experience as they age. Many people are embarrassed by the spaces or gaps that exist in their teeth, but think fixing an issue will take too much time and effort. But in the hands of an experienced dentist like Dr. Kanehl, the process of getting a bridge placed is easy and efficient.

What Is A Porcelain Fixed Bridge?

A porcelain fixed bridge is a non-removable appliance that replaces missing or chipped teeth to give you the look of a naturally full mouth. These bridges look and feel similar to natural teeth, and can be used for many years to chew all types of food and give the look of a full face around a complete smile. The process of getting a porcelain fixed bridge is simple, making it suitable for patients from all walks of life, who can experience a serious improvement in quality of life once it is in place.

Porcelain fixed bridges consist of two crowns that go over two of your natural teeth. These are known as anchoring teeth (abutment teeth), as they will support the implant that gets placed in the space left by the missing tooth.  In a series of two or three appointments, your dentist will prepare the anchoring teeth and fit them for the crowns. He will then measure the space remaining and create a highly accurate mold to craft an implant from. Once this implant is placed, he will cement the bridge in place, leaving all of the teeth secure in the mouth.

Porcelain fixed bridges can last many years with proper care and maintenance. Once the bridge is in place, be sure to follow the care instructions your dentist offers you at the conclusion of your treatment. Proper brushing, flossing and regular dental visits are all integral to keeping your bridge in place. At your regular dental checkups, the dentist will check to ensure that the bridge is still firmly in place, and re-cement any portions that have begun to lift.

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