Dentist holding a model of all on four dental implants

While tooth loss is a natural part of life, especially among senior citizens and the elderly, the situation can be quite concerning. Besides ruining your smile, tooth loss might hinder you from enjoying your favorite meal and affect your speech. All on 4 implants now make it possible to regain your full mouth functionality even after losing the whole set of your upper or lower teeth.

Here’s everything you need to know about all on 4 dental implants.

What are All on 4 Dental Implants?

All on 4 is a complete set of dental implants used to replace all teeth of either the upper or the lower jaw. If you have lost the majority of your teeth, then all on 4 implants may be a great alternative to traditional dentures. Besides being permanent, all on 4 implants have the appearance of natural teeth making it the most preferred full arch replacement option.

Previously, the dentist would have to insert a titanium screw into your gum and place a denture over it, repeating the process for all the lost teeth. But with an all on 4 implant, you require only four titanium screws fitted on the gum to replace the whole arch.

How Long do All on 4 Implants Last?

The All on 4 dental implant is one of the most long-lasting tooth replacement solutions. As newer models continue to enter the market, the expected lifespan continually rises. Studies show that an all on 4 implants can last an average of 20-25 years, depending on whether the patient maintains a proper care regimen. Typically, the success rate after ten years is more than 94 percent.

Your denture will experience normal wear and tear over time and may need adjustments at some point. Even so, the implant posts won’t need a replacement. With the proper care, your implants might last for more than 10 years without ever encountering any issues. 

How Many Teeth can you Replace at One Time?

Dental implants are gaining considerable popularity as a permanent way of restoring smiles because of their natural appearance and ease of maintenance. Previously, single tooth and total arch replacements with dental implants were gray areas strayed by none, especially in the early phases of their development. The arrival of all on 4s has revolutionized teeth replacement. Now you can get a full mouth replacement in a single visit with all on 4 implants.

It should also be noted, single tooth replacement solutions for all types of teeth exist, and you can have them customized for you. With the guidance of your dentist, you can choose whether you want to have a total arch replacement with an all on 4 implant or go the single tooth replacement way.

What is the Healing Time for All on 4 Implants?

All on 4 dental implant insertion is a minimally invasive procedure done under local anesthesia and the recovery period is relatively short.

After the procedure, you can return home immediately, but it will take about 5 hours for the sedative effect of the oral anesthetic drugs to wear off. You will be advised to have someone drive you home once you leave the dentist’s office.

Healing requires a slight diet modification for the few days post-procedure with liquids and soft foods as primary meals. You should be able to resume working within three days of the procedure, as the discomfort will be minimal. The healing process can take up to three weeks if you require bone grafting before implant fixation.

You need to watch out for any pain and swelling during the recovery period. If these continue despite the use of anti-pain medications, you should consult your doctor.

With a 98% chance of success, there’s absolutely no reason to put off getting a consultation for your new smile! To learn more about whether an All-on-4 dental implant procedure is right for you, contact Kanehl Dental today to book a consultation.