Bluetooth toothbrush

There are many ways to fight bad breath. Some of them, such as mints, are quick fixes. But if you really want to improve your breath long term, you need to treat the root problem. And now there's an unexpected piece of new technology that can help: a Bluetooth toothbrush is one of your best defenses against bad breath.

What Is a Bluetooth Toothbrush?

What does a Bluetooth device have to do with your teeth? More than you'd think. The Wi-Fi-enabled toothbrush connects to an app on your phone, which you look at as you brush. The toothbrush monitors and records data about how you're brushing and displays tips through the app, in real time, on how you could brush more effectively. It can keep track of how long you've been brushing and set a timer. Some even display the latest news headlines, in case you get bored while you brush. Here are some of the other benefits a Bluetooth toothbrush can provide:

Location Sensors

Seeing inside your own mouth is difficult, especially while brushing. This means it's also difficult to tell if you missed a spot, or if there's a section of your mouth that's not getting the attention it deserves. However, with location sensors, a Bluetooth toothbrush can keep track of where you've brushed already, and alert you if there's a tooth or section of your mouth that hasn't been properly cleaned yet.

Pressure Sensors

Overbrushing, or brushing too hard, can wear away your tooth enamel over time. In fact, it can cause nearly as much damage as not brushing at all. The pressure sensors in a Bluetooth toothbrush can monitor the amount of pressure you're using as you brush, and alert you if it's too much, or too little. That way, you're protected from overbrushing, while still getting the maximum clean.

Scrubbing Sensors

Pressure is only part of the equation when it comes to brushing. No doubt you were taught proper brushing technique by your dentist when you were a child. Maybe they even remind you of how to do it correctly, during your semi-annual visit. Even if you know how to brush properly, it's easy to get lazy and fall into bad habits when you do the same activity, day after day.

Your Bluetooth toothbrush can help you fix that. Scrubbing sensors monitor your brushing technique and tell you how to adjust what's not right, for perfect brushing every time.

How Does a Bluetooth Toothbrush Fight Bad Breath?

All these features are great, but the core question remains: How does a Bluetooth toothbrush help fight bad breath? Well, one of the best defenses against bad breath is brushing as efficiently as possible, across your entire mouth. By helping you brush more effectively, your Bluetooth toothbrush will ensure clean, fresh breath as well.

Which Bluetooth Toothbrush Should I Use?

There are several different models available, but my personal recommendation is the Sonicare Bluetooth Toothbrush. It provides a 3D map of your mouth to help you hit every nook and cranny, and lets you specify problem areas in your mouth, to help you focus on them more effectively.

The benefits of Bluetooth toothbrushes are well worth the cost. By helping your mouth get cleaner, it protects you from gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems. By investing in the latest advancements in brushing technology, you'll have a healthy smile for years to come.

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