Dental crowns serve a couple of different purposes. First, these permanent prosthetics, or caps, are designed to improve the shape, alignment or overall appearance of a tooth. Secondly, crowns are also able to help strengthen a damaged tooth.

Most crowns are made of either ceramic or porcelain and are designed to fully cover a tooth to ensure functionality and good aesthetics.

Top Signs it Might be Time for a Crown

There are times when a crown makes more sense than other dental procedures, such as bridges, veneers and even standard fillings. Here’s a closer look at some of the top signs a crown may be necessary.

Broken or fractured teeth

If there isn’t enough tooth remaining to fix it via other methods, a crown can be an ideal repair solution. Cracked or fractured teeth don’t heal, so oftentimes capping it with a crown is the best solution to restore the tooth. Chipped teeth usually don’t require a crown to repair - just cracked or fractured teeth.

Cosmetic enhancement

Crowns help improve shape, alignment and the overall appearance of a tooth so that it looks just like a natural tooth.

Decayed teeth

If more than half of a tooth is decayed, a crown is usually the better option over a filling. Crowns help strengthen the tooth and can provide a whole-tooth solution.

Fractured fillings

In some cases, a filling may be administered again. However, if there’s inadequate tooth to retain the filling and still endure the rigors that teeth get put through on a daily basis, a crown may be a better option.

Large fillings

If a large portion of your tooth requires a filling, going with a crown might be the better option. This is because crowns tend to give full-tooth protection, rather than just partial tooth protection like a filling would. Administering large fillings may also cause the tooth to crack.

The tooth has a root canal

Root canals may be able to save a tooth from being removed, but what they can’t save is the amount of decay the tooth has endured. If tooth decay is too extensive to safely repair with a filling, a crown is usually the best bet.

Save Money on Crowns

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